Apr 03, 2024
Healthcare workers are an essential component of every health system around the world. This includes nurses, doctors, caregivers, as well as any personnel who deliver care services. From our work in the global health field, we’ve seen the incredible
Baby Vusi, here with his mother, Teresa, received the oral rotavirus vaccine during the 2012 rotavirus vaccine pilot in Lusaka Province, Zambia. In 2013, Zambia introduced the vaccine nationwide. Hear from Teresa about why she thinks all caregivers should ensure their children are vaccinated against rotavirus.
Feb 07, 2024
Baby Vusi, here with his mother, Teresa, received the oral rotavirus vaccine during the 2012 rotavirus vaccine pilot in Lusaka Province, Zambia. In 2013, Zambia introduced the vaccine nationwide. Hear from Teresa about why she thinks all caregivers
Nov 06, 2023
What is the longest you’ve had to wait to use a toilet? It’s a scenario that can quickly turn from distressing to desperate. Yet for billions of people around the world, it is a daily reality to live without a toilet at all. And it’s dangerous to
Speaker panel on stage
Jun 08, 2023
At the 2nd Global Forum on Childhood Pneumonia, leaders renewed commitments to accelerate progress in child survival. Photo: Every Breath Counts. Every year in Somalia, diarrhea infections claim the lives of 9,000 children younger than five years
Woman Washing Hands
Mar 08, 2023
The climate crisis is a health crisis, and one of its manifestations is its disruptive impact on safe drinking water and sanitation. Weather extremes like flooding stress sanitation systems and create increased opportunity for waterborne diseases
Four mothers holding their children
Mar 07, 2023
In 2006, the World Health Organization (WHO) approved for global use vaccines against rotavirus, the most lethal cause of severe childhood diarrhea. Dr. George Armah was among the researchers who made it possible, starting his career in on rotavirus
Hannah posing with Poo Guru and DefeatDD's toilet
Feb 03, 2023
The DefeatDD and Take On Typhoid teams are excited to have a new teammate: Hannah Brennan, our new Communications Associate. She didn’t run away after seeing Poo Guru and DefeatDD’s technicolor toilet during the PATH office tour, so we think she’s
Signs of Poo Guru wisdom
Dec 13, 2022
“No diarrhea; more smiles.” “The answers are in the poop.” This and more poo-etic wisdom from our the VASE Conference attendees graced the open spaces between the poster presentations. PATH recently hosted its third international Vaccines Against
Health worker with mask holds a vaccine syringe
Nov 23, 2022
A health worker in Nepal prepares a typhoid vaccine. Photo: PATH. When there is danger downstream, it helps to have a strategy—and the right equipment—before you find yourself in rough waters. In the shifting currents of global health, prevention
Poo Guru cast of characters
Nov 16, 2022
Meet Poo Guru! She is flush with facts about toilets, sanitation, and their vital role in global health. This World Toilet Day, as we celebrate all kinds of loos and latrines, the Poo Guru is our guide. She aims to raise awareness and investment in
Nov 10, 2022
The Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia and Diarrhoea outlines an integrated approach to simultaneously tackle these leading infectious killers of children. Scores are steadily rising in Mali, and children are the clear
A handwashing station outside of an open window at a local Kenya clinic
Oct 14, 2022
A simple handwashing station sits outside Kilingili Health Centre in Ikolomani sub-county of Kakamega, Kenya. Photo: PATH/Tony Karumba.   The past two years shone a spotlight on the crucial role of handwashing in safeguarding public health. New
Nurse holds up a container in each hand which is co-packaged oral rehydration solution and zinc
Jul 20, 2022
Rose Kanali, a helth practitoner at Kilingili Health Centre in Kakamega, Kenya, displays co-packaged oral rehydration solution and zinc, the WHO/UNICEF-recommended treatment for childhood diarrhea. Photo: PATH/Anthony Karumba. Are you parched for
A mother spoon-feeds her child oral rehydration solution in the oral rehydration therapy corner of Malava County Hospital in Kakamega, Kenya.
Jun 08, 2022
A mother spoon-feeds her child oral rehydration solution in the oral rehydration therapy corner of Malava County Hospital in Kakamega, Kenya. Photo: PATH/Tony Karumba.     Water. Sugar. Salt. These are the ingredients of oral rehydration solution
Graphic illustrations of the six leading diarrhea pathogens in children
May 10, 2022
Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) and Shigella are leading bacterial causes of diarrhea. Experts have long suspected that they are responsible for a large proportion of the global diarrheal disease burden. However, morbidity and mortality estimates of
Women sitting outside Chiradzulu Health Center, Malawi
Feb 07, 2022
Photo: Mothers wait outside Chiradzulu District Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. The RoVI study compared immune responses to rotavirus vaccines across children in Malawi, India, and the United Kingdom. PATH/Miren Iturriza-Gomara   Rotavirus is the
Nov 19, 2021
The DefeatDD team was recently invited to join the Faecal Sludge Management Alliance (FSMA) for a discussion on their podcast, FSMA Presents, with award-winning science journalist and author Chelsea Wald. In Pipe Dreams: The Urgent Global Quest to
Baby in Kenya receives oral rotavirus vaccine
Nov 15, 2021
The African continent shoulders the largest share – 71% - of global childhood deaths due to rotavirus diarrhea. As a result, African scientists, advocates, and government decision-makers have led incredible progress in developing and delivering
Boy in Kenya gathers water from a well
Oct 13, 2021
This blog was originally published on the Global Handwashing Partnership Community Forum.   The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into stark relief longstanding inequities. Families without access to primary healthcare, vaccines, nutrition, or safe
Two bottles of Vitamin A supplements sitting on a counter
Sep 30, 2021
The link between malnutrition and diarrheal disease is well-established, but understanding the precise mechanisms of the many connections remains a complex research frontier. Here’s one thing we do know: vitamin A is a key player in diarrhea
A mother breastfeeds her infant while the father prepares food in the background
Aug 03, 2021
Photo: Salim Asim Mapesa prepares food while his wife Hadija Akongo breastfeeds Ruth, their 6-month-old infant in Kakamega, Western Kenya. Engaging male partners increases support for optimal infant feeding. PATH/Evelyn Hockstein   Exclusive
Boxing gloves labeled ORS and zinc with co-pack ingredients in between them
Jul 29, 2021
There’s a reason why oral rehydration solution (ORS) has been called one of the greatest scientific achievements in the twentieth century: this simple mixture of sugar, water, and salt has saved millions of lives. In children, the dangerous
Jul 19, 2021
On Friday, July 16, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) released its first updated rotavirus vaccine position paper since 2013. WHO’s position papers summarize all currently known research relevant to a vaccination against a certain pathogen
Graphic with text: Women can't raise healthy children alone
Jun 25, 2021
Women’s health and well-being are inextricably linked to children’s health and well-being. When women thrive, children are better able to thrive, too. But while the world has made some progress toward gender equality in the past few decades, we are
Text: When women rise, CO2 levels fall
Jun 23, 2021
Human-caused climate change is predicted to significantly disrupt water and sanitation, increase waterborne diseases, and lead to crowding, urbanization, and displacement. All these impacts will disproportionately affect women and girls. Evidence
Flow chart showing how infections lead to malnutrition
Jun 17, 2021
Our graphic on gut damage illuminates a few of the ways enteric infections exacerbate malnutrition. Researchers like Dr. Richard Guerrant are continuing to uncover new insights about how these pathogens cause long-term damage.   Diarrheal disease
Mother holds daughter at vaccination day event at Gulu Independent Hospital, Uganda
May 25, 2021
Across Uganda, the months of April and October arrive with a special focus on improving child health. Those two months are designated by the Ministry of Health each year as Integrated Child Health Days, when the health sector doubles down on
Alfred Ochola leads a group across a river.
May 18, 2021
Our DefeatDD team is heartbroken by the passing of our friend, colleague, and child health champion, Alfred Ochola. If you have followed us for a while, chances are you’ve met him virtually as he guided you through his lifesaving work in Kenya;
Nurse at Gulu Independent Hospital, Uganda, speaks to women and children at a vaccination event
May 05, 2021
Photo: A nurse speaks to a group of women and children at a vaccination event at Gulu Independent Hospital, Uganda. Uganda’s Integrated Child Health Days offer an opportunity to reach women and children with a wide array of lifesaving services. PATH
Child in Delhi, India, looking up at community handwashing education
Apr 22, 2021
Children are change agents – and there are few global issues today that impact young people than climate change. Around the world, youth are demonstrating a deep personal understanding of the implications of our evolving earth and are claiming a
Catherine holds her son Immanuel
Apr 07, 2021
A few years ago in Lusaka, Zambia, when Catherine brought her son Immanuel to the clinic with a fever and diarrhea, she probably wasn’t thinking about health systems – but she may have been thinking about soccer. Namely, the fact that she had named
Teresa holds her son Vusi as he receives rotavirus vaccine
Mar 04, 2021
As a new mother in Zambia, Teresa wasn’t sure why her son kept getting severe diarrhea. In fact, he was so sick – and so often – that she was afraid he would die.  “It was so severe we didn’t even know what to do. I would say it was near to death
Photograph collage of children
Feb 23, 2021
Photo: These are a handful of the cuties whose wisdom is featured in this blog. Clockwise, starting from top left: Dylan, 3, and Joaquin, 5; Zachary, 5; Lily, 7, and Rosie, 4; Camden, 6; TJ, 4; Cody, 8; Jude, 5.   As child health advocates, we
Dr. Rubhana Raqib with science graphics
Feb 10, 2021
“I think building a career in science is really great for women. It gives them self-respect. People value a scientist’s opinion.” - Dr. Rubhana Raqib, World Academy of Sciences Fellow   In January of this year, Dr. Rubhana Raqib was selected as
Mother in Vietnam helps children wash hands
Feb 01, 2021
Photo: A mother in Vietnam helps her children wash their hands while wearing face masks. The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear the links between health and handwashing.    Health and water are inextricably linked. Yet, policies and programs related
Dr. Alaullah Shiekh in the Fleckenstein lab at Washington University in St. Louis
Jan 21, 2021
Photo: Dr. Alaullah Shiekh, a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. James Fleckenstein’s lab at Washington University in St. Louis, is hard at work analyzing images of ETEC’s effects on the human gut.   Short-lived diarrheal infections can sometimes
Infant receives ROTAVAC in India. Monica Tiwari/IVAC
Dec 22, 2020
An infant in Dibrugarh, Assam, India receives ROTAVAC, a lower-cost rotavirus vaccine made in India. In 2020, new rotavirus vaccines and technologies helped expand access despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: IVAC/Monica Tiwari  
Palestinian Ministry of Health case log book
Dec 16, 2020
Switching from one vaccine product to another can have a significant impact on a country’s budget. Health officials need to consider a variety of factors, not just vaccine price alone, to determine if making a switch makes economic sense. Sometimes
Mother holds smiling child at an ORS clinic in Cambodia.
Dec 09, 2020
For some families, a child’s diarrheal infection is a rare and mild inconvenience. It means a runny diaper. A fussy toddler. A trip to the local drug store to grab oral rehydration solution (ORS) and zinc—and then back to normal within a few days.
Infant girl receives oral rehydration solution (ORS) at a clinic in Cambodia.
Nov 23, 2020
The number of drug-resistant infections is growing worldwide. By increasing access to recommended tools to prevent and treat diarrhea—vaccines, oral rehydration solution (ORS) + zinc, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)—we can help slow the
Nov 16, 2020
As COVID-19 continues to surge over the globe, it forces us to reckon with the fact that true global health equity – universal access to primary healthcare – is an unfinished task that we pay for at our collective expense. Universal access to
Scientist fills assay plate with sample
Oct 21, 2020
A new laboratory diagnostic tool can help identify environmental enteric dysfunction (EED) in children using biomarkers related to micronutrients, growth, inflammation, and oral vaccine immunogenicity. Photo: PATH   We all know that children
Boy washes his hands at a health clinic in Zambia. PATH/Gareth Bentley
Oct 13, 2020
NOTE: This blog was originally posted on the Global Handwashing Partnership website.   When the COVID-19 pandemic first began and little was known about the novel coronavirus, one of the World Health Organization (WHO)’s first recommendations was
Smiling woman surrounded by orange pink and blue paintbrush strokes
Oct 07, 2020
At DefeatDD, we advocate for simple tools to stop the cycle of diarrhea and malnutrition. Prioritizing access to these tools for women and girls does more than halt a bad cycle; it creates a positive cycle in their lives and, by extension, their
Empty toilet paper roll and empty toilet dotted outline
Sep 22, 2020
  In wealthy countries, toilet paper hoarding became a reactionary phenomenon in the early months of the pandemic: a case study in stubborn inequity as two billion people around the world don’t have a toilet. Climate change. Inequity. COVID-19 and
Baby receiving ORS
Sep 10, 2020
Interrupted access to pneumonia and diarrhea medicines could account for almost half of the additional deaths during COVID-19, according to recent estimates.   Child health is at one of the most critical inflection points in recent history. Newly
IV fluid drip in a hospital
Jul 15, 2020
DefeatDD has long focused on inequities in health because diarrheal disease itself is a telling example of enduring inequity. For some, diarrheal disease is a mere inconvenience. Those with limited access to safe water and sanitation, adequate 
Baby is weighed on a scale at Kuje Primary Health Care Center in Kuje, Nigeria.
Jun 24, 2020
Photo: A young baby is weighed at a routine visit to Kuje Primary Health Care Center in Kuje, Nigeria. If introduced in Nigeria, rotavirus vaccination would protect Nigerian children from the deadliest form of diarrhea. PATH/Evelyn Hockstein   Of
Two health workers with vaccines walking toward a boat
Jun 03, 2020
Photo: PATH/Doune Porter.   This post also appears on the Take On Typhoid website. It is hard to escape news about vaccines right now. Locally and globally, we are inundated with updates about vaccines against COVID-19 and how a return to life
Apr 23, 2020
A happy family awaits their child’s receipt of rotavirus vaccine at Rwanda’s launch in 2012.    In public health, we often say that prevention is better than cure. As the whole world pines for the swift arrival of an effective vaccine against
Apr 21, 2020
In 2019, the World Health Organization added co-packaged ORS and zinc to its Essential List of Medicines. This will improve availability, uptake, and affordability of these lifesaving diarrhea treatments.    UPDATE:  The DefeatDD is heartened that
Mar 20, 2020
Sunday is World Water Day, a day that we’ve celebrated at DefeatDD annually for over ten years. It’s always been one of our favorite ways to focus attention to our world’s growing need for clean water – and the actions we must take to attain it
Mar 05, 2020
Dr. Anita Zaidi of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a vaccine superhero and an award-winning poo-et!    March 8 is International Women’s Day, and a chance to celebrate women around the globe for their roles as leaders, teachers, mothers
Feb 20, 2020
“As climate and commercial threats intensify, WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission presses for radical rethink on child health,” opens the press release for the launch of the new report, A Future for the World’s Children? The question mark is an unsettling
Feb 11, 2020
This June, leaders from around the world will gather at Gavi’s 3rd donor pledging conference. One of the big questions they will be asked: Will you approve $7.4 billion in financing for another five years of vaccines delivered to children
Female community health volunteer in India demonstrates handwashing to a group of children.
Jan 16, 2020
Water-related health issues like diarrhea and typhoid sit at the intersection of two interventions: vaccination and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). Vaccines and WASH are both essential components of primary health care necessary for
Sep 19, 2019
Last week, PATH sponsored a webinar: Increasing access to lifesaving commodities one list at a time: approaches to advocating for the evolution of Essential Medicines Lists. WHO’s addition of co-packaged ORS and zinc to the global list of
Jul 09, 2019
You won’t find it in the sports pages, but the World Health Organization (WHO) just made a game-changing decision in the field of diarrheal disease by adding co-packaged oral rehydration solution (ORS) and zinc to its Model List of Essential
Mar 20, 2019
Where there is conflict or unrest, children and families bear the brunt of the burden and fallout from infectious disease outbreaks like cholera and typhoid. Conflicts simply amplify the ongoing diarrheal disease crisis that affects children every
Mar 13, 2019
Mothers in Kenya feed oral rehydration solution (ORS) to children dehydrated from diarrhea. Photo: PATH/Tony Karumba.   ORS + zinc is the globally recommended treatment for diarrhea. Thanks to the effort of PATH and other partners of the Diarrhea
Feb 05, 2019
Our motto at DefeatDD is that every child gets diarrhea, but no child should die from it. This aspiration is not a pipe dream. We have prevention and treatment tools and the evidence that proves they can save and improve lives and livelihoods – but
May 04, 2018
    Our event partner, NJI Media, filled the technicolor toilet-shaped void in our hearts that we didn’t know we had.   Silliness and substance: these are our twin priorities at DefeatDD. Breaking the poo taboo requires some creative
Mar 21, 2018
As part of Save the Children's integrated Stop Diarrhoea Initiative in New Delhi, India, mothers learn about important diarrhea prevention and treatment methods to keep children healthy, including the importance of safe, water, sanitation, and
Feb 07, 2018
Dr. Mark Manary, one of the world’s foremost experts in childhood malnutrition, screens children in Chikweo, Malawi. Photo: Carol Lin.   With 155 million stunted children in the world, progress against the complex condition is not coming fast
Dec 26, 2017
Our Toilet Talks campaign was not a blog per se, but it was a major 2017 moment. Check out our new case study summarizing the highlights.   Perhaps you can sense the collective exhale as global health sector news slows for the holiday season. As
Hands in water
Sep 22, 2017
Hurricanes in the United States and the Caribbean. Floods in South Asia and Yemen. Mudslides in Sierra Leone. The natural disasters have held many captive: literal captives of flooded houses, cars, roads, and airports. Others have been simply
Sep 05, 2017
Many families are forced to make the impossible choice between treatment and family finances when their children fall ill with diarrheal disease.   Diarrheal disease isn’t just a medical problem—it’s an economic one, too. We’ve heard from
Sep 05, 2017
Diarrheal disease isn’t just a medical problem—it’s an economic one, too. We’ve heard from families around the world how the costs of diarrhea treatment can significantly interrupt parents’ livelihoods as well as education, food, and shelter for the
Jul 09, 2017
In the summer of 2017, the DefeatDD team journeyed to India to gather stories about the burden of diarrheal disease and the continued need for integrated approaches to prevent the vicious cycle of malnutrition, poverty, and poor health.   While
Apr 23, 2017
Vaccines against rotavirus, the leading cause of severe diarrhea in children, are dramatically reducing diarrhea hospitalizations in countries where they’ve been introduced. Image: PATH.   Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective, lifesaving
Young girl stands near water pump. PATH/Will Boase
Mar 22, 2017
We at DefeatDD stand in awe of the power of water. Without water, there would be no life. We drink it, we grow and cook our food with it, we wash our hands, bodies, and clothes with it, we flush our waste away with it, we use it for recreation and
Dec 28, 2016
If we have one gripe about social media, it’s that great content slips by too quickly. So please join us for one more look back over the year’s reader favorites before we say goodbye to 2016.   5. DefeatDD's new infographic on gut damage makes
Sep 06, 2016
Rotavirus is one of the diarrhea villains in our animated superhero epic, and if we were to follow in the footsteps of other action movie franchises to produce a prequel, Ruth Bishop would be our star.   A steadfast scientist with a deep desire
Aug 29, 2016
Say sayonara to Star Trek because this summer's biggest blockbuster isn't playing at your local theater. The most compelling drama comes to you right here, as superheroes and villains face off in the fight to defeat diarrheal disease!   That sight
Jul 26, 2016
Shigella, a deadly bacterial infection that causes diarrhea, may not be a household name, but it quickly became one for the Maier family when Jackie (bottom right in the above photo) became severely ill at nine years old, right around the time this
Mar 28, 2016
On March 26, 2016, India joined the growing number of countries that have introduced rotavirus vaccine into their national immunization programs. The Indian Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mr. JP Nadda, launched the rotavirus vaccine through
Mar 18, 2016
World Water Day revelers all over the globe are going #Blue4Water to bring attention to the many stresses on the world's water resources and to underscore how greater investments in water and sanitation will help achieve nearly all of the
Mar 08, 2016
Children need a nutritious diet to grow healthy and strong. If children don't get key nutrients during these critical early years, the impact can be far-reaching.   Malnutrition and diarrheal disease feed off each other in a relentless loop to
Jul 28, 2015
Since 1990, nearly 100 million children around the world have been saved due to global efforts to reduce child mortality, and maternal deaths have been cut nearly in half. The US government has played a large role in this great success story. Yet
Aug 27, 2014
Each year, on October 15, over two hundred million people gather together in countries around the world and celebrate Global Handwashing Day. This international day of advocacy and action shines a spotlight on the state of handwashing in each
Jun 19, 2014
  Mothers wait to vaccinate their babies at the Kpele-Eleme Health Centre in Togo.     My cousin Mada, who lives in Atakpamé, Togo (about 160 km from the capital Lomé), tragically lost her son Dissirama to severe diarrhea. After the baby fell
Nov 18, 2013
  Today, November 19, is World Toilet Day. But unless you only plan on using the toilet once a year, we think it makes sense to celebrate this unsung hero every day.   That's why today, without further a-doo, we launch our long-awaited 2014
Apr 11, 2013
This week, we celebrate integration. Though it is intrinsically at the heart of what we and our partners do in addressing myriad global health challenges through thoughtful, efficient strategies, today integration is particularly at the fore. For
Mar 07, 2013
  The brilliant scientists of PATH's Enteric Vaccine Initiative (EVI) conduct clinical trials for vaccine candidates against bacterial forms of diarrheal disease. Next month, they will launch a trial for a Shigella vaccine in Bangladesh.   EVI
Jan 02, 2013
  2012. What a year for child health: the US government renews its promise for child health, the MDG for safe drinking water is met ahead of schedule, and several countries (the Philippines, Yemen,  Malawi , Ghana, and Tanzania) introduce vaccines
Dec 14, 2012
  It was an idea years in the making. It was sparked by a newspaper article in the 1980s, buried deep within the news pages, stating that 1 in 5 children die of diarrhea. Though originally shocked by the statistic, Simon and Jane Berry, co-founders
Sep 25, 2012
Dennis Malambo is Kabulanga Branch Manager for Lusaka Water and Sewerage. Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka, is growing rapidly and it is not slowing down. The country’s population is projected to increase exponentially by the end of the century – the
Jul 05, 2012
  Infectious disease isn't the only thing that can go viral these days. Facebook posts and tweets can, too, which makes social media pretty powerful stuff.   At defeatDD, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can harness the potential of
Dec 22, 2011
  A new year begins in just a few days! But before we plunge ahead into 2012, we'd like to take a look back at the most popular blogs of 2011, determined by you, our readers.   5. Celebrate Global Handwashing Day with a free poster: Because what
Nov 16, 2011
  Jeremy Chambers models Clean the World's prize for poo-etic brilliance.     How does it feel to be a Poo Haiku champion? We already know that our winners have a way with words, so we'll let them do the talking.   Matt Gomez, Clean the World
Nov 09, 2011
  The best meeting for us at defeatDD last week? Our poo haiku judging session, of course!   We gathered around a table with our marked-up lists of over 100 poo haikus: an impressive total (30 was our original target number) with even more
Oct 31, 2011
  PATH's Vaccine Development program improves the health of people, especially infants and children living in low-income countries, by accelerating development of vaccines that will be effective and affordable in the countries that most urgently
Oct 26, 2011
  We asked, and you delivered - 100 times over! From silly to somber, your poo haikus have made us laugh and made us think, and we love it when the two go together.   For us, your entries are funny, yet powerful, reminders of the different worlds
Oct 06, 2011
We can't contain it - we are having so much fun! If you're wondering why, get on over to our Poo Haiku page, check out the particulars, and join the conversation! Silly or somber, all entries are encouraged. We launched the contest on Monday, and
Sep 01, 2011
  Rivann and I are on way to Baray Health Center in Kampong Thom province to observe and speak with health center staff and Village Health Support Group (VHSG) members. We'll learn from them the effects of childhood pneumonia and diarrheal disease
Jul 06, 2011
Reposted with the permission of GAVI Alliance Two and a half year-old Abdul lay inert on his mother's lap when we arrived at the Gondama Community Health Centre, a tiny rural clinic in southern Sierra Leone. Abdul's mother, Aisha Kamara, had just
Jun 30, 2011
  Having worked in global health for almost 10 years and travelled widely in Africa and Asia during this time, I've become well-acquainted with the occasional bout of “travelers' diarrhea.” What I never expected was to recently return from India
Jun 29, 2011
Moment of truth: staff at PATH's booth draw the names of the lucky contest winners. For years, I used to say that I never win anything in random drawings, so why should I even try to participate?  With persistence and optimistic encouragement of my
Apr 06, 2011
In this photo, Shawn Shafner, founder of The POOP Project, meditates about cultural healing on a Zurn toilet at the 2010 American Society of Plumbing Engineers Conference in Philadelphia, PA. My sister Shannon was an expert. By the time I started
Mar 22, 2011
  What to do on World Water Day - this year there were lots of great opportunities from the World Walks for Water to joining in the social media campaign. We decided to pull together a dialogue on how the WASH, health, and nutrition communities can
Mar 08, 2011
  Women in Uttar Pradesh, India, receiving pump maintenance training from WaterAid's local partner Gramonati Sansthan. Photo credit: WaterAid / Marco Betti   While I've been working on international women's rights for years, I am new to looking
Jan 06, 2011
Southern Sudan holds a referendum on independence this Sunday, and the major media are filled with all manner of speculation about the outcome and its effects. Will the vote be peaceful or violent? What is the prognosis for a new government in this
Dec 22, 2010
Some would argue that the faces that motivated President George W. Bush's unparalleled investment in AIDS prevention, treatment, and care were the faces of children. They were the faces of millions of children orphaned by AIDS, and their stories
Dec 17, 2010
Diarrheal disease treatment and prevention are on the wish list all year around for families and communities in developing countries, so a number of charities and philanthropies are making it possible for gift givers to donate directly or in the
Dec 15, 2010
To me, a sustainable sanitation service, in very general terms is one where everybody can get access to a toilet and toilet services -- of their choice -- forever.  A lofty goal, for sure, but one that sets in motion very different types of
Nov 22, 2010
Bread for the World Institute has just released its 2011 Hunger Report, Our Common Interest: Ending Hunger and Malnutrition. The report is available in print and online for free at This is the 21st edition of the Institute's
Nov 02, 2010
Sometimes, our work in global health seems to happen in an "echo chamber," where information, ideas, or beliefs are amplified or reinforced by transmission inside an "enclosed" space. Among the scientists and public health experts committed to
Oct 29, 2010
A few days ago, Kenya beat India to set a new record for the “Most people washing their hands at the same time.” Over 19,000 children and adults washed their hands at a primary school on the outskirts of Nairobi. This record, which was previously
Oct 25, 2010
What started as a humanitarian mission by Clean the World may turn out to be an emergency operation for Haiti. As the Clean the World team trekked across Haiti delivering nearly two tons of soaps for people in need, news of a cholera outbreak in
Aug 06, 2010
Check out new blogs posted today by our partners at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the ONE Campaign. New blogs posted today by our partners at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the ONE Campaign offer insight on the dramatic
Aug 03, 2010
It is hardly a month since the football frenzy ended, vuvuzelas were stored away, and South Africa could proudly say it was the first African nation to host the World Cup. South Africa boasts other firsts. It is the first African nation to host an
Jul 23, 2010
In a hot, dry town in Ghana called Navrongo, a group of mothers gathered one day last year at a health clinic. The mothers - about 30 of them - had traveled on foot and by bicycle, carrying their young children, to meet with the doctors and health
Jun 08, 2010
At the highest levels, the US Government is taking a close look at what brings the greatest return on its investment in foreign aid.  We agree with the Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) that the best investment is a health investment.
Apr 06, 2010
Ever tried to talk about diarrhea at a cocktail party? Probably not, but if you have, you might reasonably fear this scenario: From the first mention of the word, your current conversation circle begins to disperse - friends slink or dash away,
Mar 12, 2010
One woman’s stand against diarrheal disease Women rarely hold office in Kenya. Florence Weke-sa is an exception. Currently deputy mayor of Kimilili, Florence is the first woman to hold the position and was the only female councilor on the Kimilili