Congratulations to our winning poo-ets!

Nov 09, 2011



The best meeting for us at defeatDD last week? Our poo haiku judging session, of course!


We gathered around a table with our marked-up lists of over 100 poo haikus: an impressive total (30 was our original target number) with even more impressive submissions. Your entries were funny, thoughtful, and succinct reminders about why we got into this work in the first place. Thanks for joining the movement - and for making it so much fun!

Without any further a-doo, here are the winning haikus from three poo-etic geniuses:


Thunder down under

Got the dysentery blues

Can you spare a square?

By @Clean_the_World


Fact: Diarrhea

kills 1.3 million kids

each year. Holy sh*t.

 By @Global_ErinH


A child brims with life

but that life so quickly ebbs

without ORS

 By @mmcquest



The contest is over, but the conversation shouldn't be. We hate to think that we've seen the last of the poo haikus.  Keep writing and we'll keep sharing!

In the meantime, help us congratulate our poo-et laureates by sharing this post with your friends and networks. And if you see them around town, give them a high-five. You'll know them when you see them.


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