Help us advocate to save moms and kids around the world!

Jul 28, 2015


Since 1990, nearly 100 million children around the world have been saved due to global efforts to reduce child mortality, and maternal deaths have been cut nearly in half. The US government has played a large role in this great success story.

Yet still, each day, more than 17,000 children's lives and nearly 800 mothers' lives are lost due mostly to preventable causes. If you're like us, you think this is unacceptable. The good news is, history has shown us what we can do when we work together - and research has backed it up. We can end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths within a generation. But we must all play our role to make it happen!


The opportunity: a more coordinated US strategy


The Reach Every Mother and Child Act will be introduced in Congress calls for the scaling up of simple solutions and requiring a coordinated, streamlined strategy to end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths by 2035. Learn more about the bill here. A group of over 20 diverse nonprofits are advocating for the United States Congress to fulfill its promise to save the lives of moms, kids, and babies around the world- and you can add your voice to the call. 


How you can help #SaveMomsandKids


We are advocating for this bill because we believe that moms, children, and babies are best served when resources and expertise are brought together to achieve maximum impact. The same is true for our voices, and that's why we need your help.

We are starting a virtual “chain” around the world comprised of people who believe we must do all we can to #SaveMomsandKids. Join our global chain to show policymakers that US citizens, along with others around the world, support coordinated efforts for maternal, newborn, and child health. It's easy:

Colleagues in PATH's Kenya office have joined the global chain to #SaveMomsAndKids.


1.      Take a photo linking arms with your friends, family, colleagues - anyone you want.


2.      Share the photo on Twitter using the hashtag #SaveMomsAndKids with a message sharing why you are joining the initiative. Or, use one of these sample messages:


·         All moms and kids deserve a chance to be healthy and happy. Join our chain to #SaveMomsAndKids [PHOTO]  


·         Join the virtual chain of people who believe we must do all we can to #SaveMomsAndKids [PHOTO]  


·         Let's start a chain reaction to #SaveMomsAndKidsaround the world. [PHOTO]  


·         Don't break the chain! Join us to #SaveMomsAndKidseverywhere. [PHOTO]  


·         Today we are coming together to #SaveMomsAndKids around the world. Will you join us? [PHOTO]


3.      Optional: Tag your representative asking for support of the bill. Find a list of congressional Twitter handles here. (Find who your senator or representative is here.)


·         Example: .@RepAdamSmith You're a vital link in the chain to #SaveMomsAndKids. Will you join us? [PHOTO]  


4.      Follow #SaveMomsAndKids for other opportunities to share information, graphics, and other content. Be part of the conversation!


Why we need you:


In the coming weeks, advocates will go to Capitol Hill to educate policymakers about the bill and will point them to the #SaveMomsAndKids  Twitter campaign, where they will see your photos as evidence of your support for the issue.

Help us show members of Congress that there's a growing chain of people around the world urging them to #SaveMomsAndKids