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Empty toilet paper roll and empty toilet dotted outline
Sep 22, 2020
The tools to shield children from the worst of COVID-19’s indirect effects are tried-and-true tools of child health.
Baby receiving ORS
Sep 10, 2020
Interrupted access to pneumonia and diarrhea medicines could account for almost half of the additional deaths during COVID-19, according to recent estimates.   Child health is at one of the most critical inflection points in recent history. Newly
Girls pump water from a well
Sep 03, 2020
Good data and advocacy are key to driving WASH interventions, investments, and evidence-based decision-making.
Baby in Malawi wears a bib while eating food
Aug 26, 2020
Food hygiene and safety is a critical cross-section of WASH and nutrition.
Refrigerator holding ROTARIX rotavirus vaccine in Ghana
Aug 19, 2020
PATH’s new Rotavirus Vaccine Cost Calculator helps countries estimate the cost of vaccination programs based on factors such as product presentation and cold chain volume.
Close-up of Bangladeshi boy with a shy smile
Aug 14, 2020
Lessons from tackling diarrheal disease can also help us recover from COVID-19 stronger than ever.
The author holds her newborn son, Miles, in the NICU
Jul 30, 2020
Breastfeeding requires many layers of support. For some babies, that includes donor milk.
Clinician opens a packet of oral rehydration solution (ORS)
Jul 27, 2020
Access to oral rehydration solution (ORS) has improved over the years, but much work remains.
Closeup on woman's hands covered in soap. Photo: UNICEF
Jul 20, 2020
The Hand Hygiene for All Global Initiative, led by WHO and UNICEF, aims to ensure lasting infrastructure and hygiene behavior.
IV fluid drip in a hospital
Jul 15, 2020
Addressing disparities in access to prevention and treatment for diarrheal disease among Black children in the United States deserves special attention.