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Integrating prevention and treatment solutions is the most practical and cost-effective way to defeat diarrheal disease. Integration can also extend to policies that address pneumonia and diarrhea together.


In settings where medical care can be difficult to access, prevention through vaccination is the best way to protect children against the leading causes of severe diarrhea. Vaccines against rotavirus are already making a significant impact; vaccines against ETEC and Shigella, the leading causes of bacterial diarrhea, are currently in development.

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Oral rehydration solution is a simple lifesaving mixture of sugar, water, and salt. It is the cornerstone treatment for diarrhea and the severe dehydration it can cause. 


Zinc treatment reduces the duration and severity of diarrheal episodes and also prevents future episodes for up to three months.

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Safe drinking WAter, Sanitation, and Hygiene-collectively known as WASH- are essential for stopping deaths from diarrheal disease and other illnesses. Good health is simply not possible without WASH.


Breastfeeding provides infants with ideal nourishment, protection against diarrhea and pneumonia infections, and quicker recovery from illness.

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Proper infant and young child nutrition fortifies the immune system against infectious diseases like diarrhea and promotes healthy long-term growth and development.


Researchers are studying the potential for new treatments to ease diarrhea symptoms, prevent deadly dehydration, and protect against long-term harm.

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