Integrated Approach

Integrated Approach

Several tools can prevent and treat diarrhea, and programs that integrate these solutions can maximize impact, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Established interventions like oral rehydration solution and zinc, exclusive breastfeeding, and WASH (safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene) have saved countless lives.  Vaccines offer even more protection. National policies that encompass all options optimize protection for  communities. 

Many interventions to defeat diarrhea overlap with strategies to prevent pneumonia, another leading threat to child survival. Cross-cutting solutions include exclusive breastfeeding, handwashing with soap, safe water, sanitation, nutrition, and immunization. Programs that integrate these proven solutions can ensure a healthy start for every child. By improving access to cost effective interventions for pneumonia and diarrhea, we can save millions of lives. 

Inegrated Approach Graphic: We can save more lives by combining all available tools
Child survival revolution graphic: In 1980, 3 million children died of diarrhea. By 1995, that number had been cut in half

Coordinate, Integrate, Invest

State of the Field Report

Combining prevention and treatment solutions is the most effective way to defeat diarrhea and break the cycle of poor health and poverty for children, families, and communities. Integration can also address other health threats, decrease program expenses, and increase efficiency.