Rotavirus is the leading cause of severe childhood diarrhea. It disproportionately burdens impoverished communities of Africa and Southeast Asia. But nearly every child in the world is at risk. Rotavirus infections cannot be treated with antibiotics or other drugs, making vaccines a vital solution for preventing childhood illness and death. The World Health Organization recommends rotavirus vaccines for all countries.

For two decades, PATH has worked to ensure that all children have access to rotavirus vaccines. We work with manufacturers to develop low-cost vaccine products and sustain global supply. In partnership with country decision-makers, we help to assess, evaluate, prepare for, and optimize rotavirus vaccinein troduction.

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This pace of scientific advancement is exhilarating, at a scale unimagined even 20 years ago.

State of the Field Report

Rotavirus vaccines are saving lives in almost 100 countries. But less than half of infants born each year
still do not have access. We must do more to reach these children.