Six days left. Join the movement!

Oct 26, 2011



We asked, and you delivered - 100 times over! From silly to somber, your poo haikus have made us laugh and made us think, and we love it when the two go together.


For us, your entries are funny, yet powerful, reminders of the different worlds in which we live. Consider the following examples:


Not far from my home / Neighbors war over dog poo/ And we give a sh*t? (from @plainiejanie)

Port-a-potties reek/of drunken festival folk/first-world problem ( from @richterific)

Down You Go, Lil' Poo/Into Pipes, Far from my Food/Can't All Have This Too? (from @rmedina_aspen)


This contest shows that we can laugh at jokes about poo. We have access to the basic solutions that prevent diarrhea from ever being deadly; our inconveniences are battles over unscooped dog poo and stinky port-a-potties. By raising our voices together, we can help ensure that this is equally true for everyone, no matter where they live. Isn't it great when a noble mission involves having a little fun in the meantime?

There are just a few days left to join the poo-etic movement! Add your voice by October 31st. In the words of @humbleice:


people need to talk / before real change can happen / what's *your* #poohaiku?