Our campaigns elevate the issue of diarrheal disease and connect advocates working across different sectors in support of integrated solutions. Here are a few of our favorites.

Child health in Kenya: opportunities and actions
Jan 10, 2023
      Kenya’s new, unified policy for child health is a commitment to families and communities. The Ministry of Health's Newborn and Child Health Strategic Plan aims to empower health systems so that children may “Thrive, Survive, and Transform
cartoon character representing gender rights
Poo Guru characters
Nov 01, 2022
Meet the Poo Guru! She is flush with facts about toilets, sanitation, and their vital role in global health. On World Toilet Day, she helped us raise awareness about global sanitation solutions. 
Diagram showing toilet generating water, fertilizer, energy
Gif of toilet with cycling arrows and growing plants
Nov 01, 2021
  Climate change: a threat and an opportunity for safe sanitation Poor sanitation exacerbates waterborne illness such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid. As climate extremes become more common due to climate change, they will put stress on the
Father, mother, and infant girl in Sierra Leone
Mar 05, 2021
          Gender-Equitable Families and Health Systems are Better for Children     Essential medicines, vaccines, hygiene, education, and adequate nutrition: these are the tools you might typically associate with child health. But health
Meera teaches handwashing
May 04, 2020
  Carrying Children Through COVID-19 and Beyond For more than a decade, you’ve advocated with us to protect children at the highest risk of deadly diarrheal infections.     But even as we celebrate progress, children and families now face
Nov 11, 2019
  The COVID-19 pandemic has been a painful case study about the consequences of not investing in longstanding, essential public health basics. It shouldn’t be revolutionary to say that access to toilets is a basic health intervention. And yet… 1
Feb 01, 2019
  ** UPDATE:: In July 2019, the World Health Organization set the global norm to deploy a simple, powerful game-changer: the ORS + zinc co-pack. Help us spread the word! ** Now, we need to encourage more countries to follow suit with their own
Aug 01, 2018
  If you are new DefeatDD advocate or know someone who is, these resources are a great place to start.   There are three things we want everyone to know about #2: Diarrhea is a significant, often deadly, source of suffering for children around
Take the Plunge event poster
May 02, 2018
DefeatDD has created a lot of content over the years, from in-the-field videos and playful animations to reports and infographics. So in 2018, we asked ourselves: how can we use the resources we already have to engage new friends, colleagues, and
Group posing in front of a toilet stall photo backdrop
Dec 19, 2017
We tested our toilet stall backdrop (aka, our “Go Kit”) at a Diarrhea Innovations Group (DIG) meeting. The poo emoji stick was a fan favorite. Watch their Toilet Talks and take notes: you just might spot this loo during our event and conference