Reader’s Favorites in 2023

Jan 10, 2024


Destry Jensen
PATH Communications

The new year is a great opportunity to prepare for innovative projects, initiatives, and efforts to Defeat Diarrheal Disease, but also a time to reflect on what we have learned. Despite strong progress, we know we have more work to do that requires continued advocacy as children face threats from climate change, conflict, and other disruptions that impact health. As we ready ourselves for the new year, let’s learn from past blogs by taking a look at the top five DefeatDD blogs–reader’s favorites–in 2023:

1.      How Does Diarrhea Become Deadly: When diarrhea kills, dehydration is to blame. Excessive loss of water can impact organ function and become fatal. This illuminating blog takes readers on a visual journey though the body, tracking the biological causes and consequences of severe dehydration due to diarrhea. To learn more about the impact of diarrheal disease, check out our regularly updated State of the Field Report.

2.      How Does Soap Actually Work: Handwashing with soap is simple, inexpensive, and it saves lives. Seems like common sense, but how does handwashing with soap actually work? This blog answers just that question. Readers learn the chemical makeup of soap and how it works to clean dirt, grease, and oil—and, most importantly, disease-causing germs—off hands. Despite the ease of handwashing, millions of people worldwide still lack access to basic hygiene. Read to learn more about how universal handwashing with soap can help to defeat diarrheal disease!

3.      World Toilet Day - Don't Stall: On November 19th, we acknowledged World Toilet Day with the theme “Don’t Stall” to promote urgency in addressing the most dire global health challenges. This observance day was an opportunity to share information and resources about an integrated approach to DefeatDD that goes beyond toilets.

4.      How Does ORS Work: This informative blog explains how oral rehydration solution, or ORS (which consists of just three ingredients: water, sugar, and salt), can save lives. Readers gained an understanding of the biochemical breakdown of each ingredient and how they work together during a diarrhea episode. Combined with zinc, ORS remains a key diarrhea treatment today.

5.      Estimating Impact of a Novel Rotavirus Vaccine Delivered at Birth: Indonesia introduced rotavirus vaccines nationwide in August. This was a significant step to improve child health in the region, as rotavirus remains a common cause of severe diarrhea in Indonesia. Beyond this, the blog summarizes research findings on the development of a new oral rotavirus vaccine. This could be a promising addition to current rotavirus vaccine options.

Our top five blogs of 2023 are only a small fraction of the extensive collection available on our website. We are regularly posting new blogs by PATH authors, researchers from around the world, those working in the field, and more. We would love your thoughts on our current offerings of DefeatDD blogs, resources, and materials to inform and inspire global efforts to promote child health, and to hear from you on what topics you would like to see in 2024. Tag us with suggestions on social media!