Dr. Mathu Santosham

Jul 24, 2019
Photo: PATH/Tony Karumba.   As pediatricians, the currency of our trade is data, not miracles. But lifesaving oral rehydration solution (ORS) blurs these lines. Miraculous: there’s no other way to describe what it’s like to see a sunken-eyed
A group of children holds a ball. Photo: PATH/Teresa Guillien
Nov 19, 2018
In the game of cricket and in most sports, the all-star players are the ones who are best at teamwork. I was the captain of the cricket team at my high school, and I played cricket all the way through medical school. I was the wicket keeper who
Mar 15, 2016
An infant being immunized at a child welfare clinic at the Elmina Urban Health Center in the Central Region of Ghana. Photo by: UNICEF. This post originally appeared on Devex. This month, hundreds of thousands of children will get access to
May 23, 2012
  Diarrhea is a scourge that has affected humanity throughout history.  Battles have been lost by armies because of epidemics of diarrhea.  Until recently there were no treatments available for diarrhea except intravenous fluids to correct