Toilet talk how-to guide

Oct 22, 2017


Campaign overview


We need your help to make a stink about diarrheal disease and the importance of safe sanitation and other solutions to defeat it.


For most of us, diarrhea comes and goes in the comfort of a bathroom with a reliable toilet. And let’s be honest, it can lead to stories and jokes that make people snicker. But for millions of children around the world diarrhea is a different story. Repeated infections can lead to physical and cognitive stunting—a child never reaching her or his full potential. Others’ lives are cut short far too soon. It’s absolutely devastating.


Diarrhea is preventable and treatable. We can protect children with simple solutions—like handwashing, providing clean drinking water, safely disposing of human waste, breastfeeding, proper nutrition, vaccines and providing oral rehydration solution (ORS) and zinc supplements. We can talk about solutions to diarrheal disease for days and we need more people to join the conversation.


Diarrhea isn’t a hot topic and, in many places, it’s simply taboo. But with your voice we can put it in the spotlight, spark conversation and inspire action.


How to create your Toilet Talk


Think TED Talks. But shorter. And in a bathroom, or near an outdoor toilet. The stall’s the limit. We’re open to your creativity and approach. Here's some ins-poo-ration:





Your video can be humorous, serious or somewhere in-between, but we would like you to end it with a “but seriously” moment. The “but seriously” moment is your chance to make a heartfelt statement about the impact of diarrheal disease on children and the lack of access to proper sanitation.


If you are familiar with this issue and passionate about a specific solution, we encourage you to focus on it.


But even if you’re not sure what to talk about, here are some Toilet Talking points to help you get started. Don't forget to use the hashtag #DefeatDD when you share your Toilet Talk.



Filming tips:

  • Don’t worry, we’re not The Academy. A lo-tech video on your smartphone is just what we’re looking for!
  • Print out the Toilet Talks sign at the top of this guide or make your own with the hashtag #DefeatDD. If you have props or visual aids to support your talk, you should gather those as well. Slide show in a stall? Why not?!
  • Find a bathroom in your home or office that is relatively quiet. You should turn off bathroom fans, radios/televisions or anything else that may compete with your voice.
  • If you are able to adjust the lighting, turn on as many lights as possible to ensure the video is clear and crisp.


Sharing your Toilet Talk


Share your Toilet Talk on your favorite social channels using the hashtag #DefeatDD.


While you’re sharing with your fans, we’ll share with the global health community. Challenge your friends and communities to create a Toilet Talk of their own!



Suggested Toilet Talk-ing Points


Here are some possible topics for your Toilet Talk video. Don’t feel like you have to mention all of them. Just choose the information that you think will best bring your Toilet Talk to life, and speak as though you are talking to a friend.


Thank you again for helping us break the poo taboo! Let’s talk toilets.