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Dec 01, 2017
In 2015, civil war broke out in Yemen between the government and the rebel movement, triggering a humanitarian crisis that has resulted in more than 70 per cent of the population needing immediate aid and assistance. Yemen is one of the poorest
Nov 16, 2017
Our team has made so many good friends this year at Sesame Workshop India, both of the human and Muppet variety. We celebrated World Water Day with Chamki and Googly, and now we’re gearing up for World Toilet Day with Raya, who is just as passionate
Nov 10, 2017
If pneumonia and diarrhea—the two biggest infectious killers of children worldwide—were personified as serial killers, I imagine that they would look very different. Pneumonia might be tall and spindly, with long, wispy fingers. Diarrhea, on the
Nov 01, 2017
In April 2009 (can’t believe it was eight years ago!), my first task as a newly minted member of PATH’s Poo Crew was to help finalize and launch our team’s first-ever state of the field report on diarrhea: Diarrheal Disease: Solutions to Defeat a
Oct 31, 2017
Afghanistan is one of just ten countries that account for almost two-thirds of all rotavirus deaths worldwide. With rotavirus vaccines, we now have a clear path forward.
Oct 25, 2017
Indian women are educating themselves and helping their children grow into healthy, productive citizens.
Oct 12, 2017
This post also appears on the Global Handwashing Day website.  
Oct 09, 2017
Nicole Maier, clinical trial coordinator for PATH’s enteric vaccine portfolio, said she got choked up while watching our latest video for the first time. Why? I sat down with her to hear more about her personal take on the video.     Talk to
Oct 04, 2017
As many of you know, here at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we are passionate about child health.  We have been encouraged by progress that has been achieved in recent decades: since 1990, the percentage of children who die before age five
Sep 26, 2017
As results from a Phase 3 efficacy study in India of the Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. (SIIPL)’s rotavirus vaccine BRV-PV (now known as ROTASIIL) are published in the journal Vaccine, I find myself reflecting on the great partnership that