See you next week at VASE!

Jun 06, 2018


Dick Walker
Director of PATH’s Enteric Vaccine Initiative
Hope Randall
Communications Officer, DefeatDD

The inaugural 2016 VASE Conference saw the debut of the vaccine superhero; a new DefeatDD photo booth will make an appearance next week. 



Next week, a diverse group of more than 200 researchers from nearly 30 countries will gather in Mexico City for our second Vaccines Against Shigella and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli ETEC (VASE) Conference! We look forward to a continued focus on accelerating communication and progress among our colleagues in the enteric vaccine field so that these vaccines can become a reality as quickly as possible.


About half a million children still die due to diarrhea each year, and millions more are hospitalized, mostly in low-resource countries. In addition, many more children suffer from diarrheal disease-associated malnutrition and its adverse effects on physical and cognitive development that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Prevention through vaccination is a critical part of the strategy to reduce the impact of diarrheal disease, and we need to move quickly to make new vaccines a reality for these children.



We’ve seen some exceptional growth in the enteric vaccine field since VASE 2016: additional evidence on promising new vaccine candidates, new vaccine materials manufactured and prepared for future clinical testing, novel vaccine candidates advanced in preclinical testing, and new disease burden estimates. We look forward to discussing these advancements at this year’s conference and charting the way forward together.


Advocacy will also have a presence at this year’s conference. While the 2016 conference saw the debut of the vaccine superhero, a new DefeatDD photo booth will make an appearance, inviting scientists to step into spotlight to raise awareness about diarrheal disease and the vaccine research underway to help address it. Those interested in learning more about how they can use advocacy to catalyze greater interest in ETEC and Shigella can attend DefeatDD’s sponsored workshop, “Using advocacy to increase investment in enteric vaccine development,” on Wednesday at 1:30pm.



We look forward to seeing many of you in Mexico City next week! For those unable to make it in person, follow DefeatDD’s social media channels and the hashtag #DefeatDD to follow the conversation online.