Pursuing new personal and professional frontiers at PATH and beyond

Sep 02, 2015


Soumya Hazra
Clinical Research Manager, PATH's India office

Soumya fulfills a lifelong dream to travel to Hollywood. Here, he takes on Uma Thurman in a sword fight at Madame Tussauds.

As a member of the operational team of the bovine-human reassortant rotavirus vaccine (BRV) project, I am responsible for developing and implementing plans and procedures for efficient operations and communications among PATH, the Serum Institute, clinical research sites, contract research organizations (CROs), laboratories, and other parties (vendors) when needed. 

I am from Amtala, which is in the southern part of Kolkata. I graduated from Calcutta University, and completed my Basic Management in Cerebral Palsy from Jadavpur University and earned an MD in Psychiatry. Although I began my career as a private practitioner, I felt that scope was very limited. I wanted to learn more about clinical research and wished to work with renowned doctors and scientists.

A few years later, I joined NVS Bio Research (a Kolkata-based Indian CRO) as Research Officer. I then moved to Glaxo Smith Kline as a Clinical Research Associate and moved to Gurgaon. My next career move was to Quintiles Research where I learned a lot and made good friends. In December 2012, I moved to PATH's New Delhi office where I work as a Clinical Research Manager for a Phase 3 rotavirus vaccine study. I now live in Delhi with my wife, Ujjyaini. My younger brother, his wife, and their cute daughter, Gully, continue to live in Kolkata.

My work thus far has allowed me to visit and work with several renowned hospitals, and my parents' dream became true when as a clinical research professional I travelled to the Netherlands, Uganda, and the United States - covering three different continents. But the most rewarding part of my current work at PATH is training field workers in clinical trials sites in remote villages throughout India.

A Soumya Hazra creation: prawn malai curry and rice.

Since my passions are travelling and cooking, I have travelled to almost all parts of India from its northern tip in Kashmir to it southern seacoast Kanyakumari. During my travel I have savored local cuisines. My passion to cook took me to the third round of the first season of Master Chefs of India! I am always game to cook four to five items for 60-70 people - vegetarian or non-vegetarian!

I enjoy listening Bengali and Hindi music, and l love watching movies in Bengali, Hindi, South Indian, and from Hollywood - especially the James Bond series and the Fast and Furious series.Tom Cruise is my all-time favorite actor, and I also love Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude Van Damme. Last year, one of my wish was fulfilled when I visited Hollywood and Madame Tussauds. I am also very fond of stage performances like recitation, drama, mimicry, and I have participated in these, too. I have a huge friend circle both in India and abroad.

I began work as a private practitioner with my parents' blessing and advice to serve poor people. Today I continue to serve. Because the only rotavirus vaccine that is currently available in India is priced at 1,000 Rupees, it is not affordable by poor people. Once this vaccine we are testing is licensed and available in the market, the cost will be affordable to all.