Nearly one year out, Zambia stays with us

May 09, 2013


Deborah Kidd
science writer


One year ago this month, the plans were well underway - plenty of ideas, not too many specifics, and uncontainable excitement: The defeatDD team was heading to Zambia!


I had actually been once already, before joining PATH. Nine years prior, my team at Columbia University gave me the chance to help convene clinicians from around the continent to share their stories—the highs, lows, and logistics—of providing antiretroviral therapy to patients living with HIV. Zambia had proven to be a leader in HIV prevention and treatment. Not long after, Zambia became a model in malaria control. And last year, Zambia established itself as a pioneer in conquering yet another major health obstacle—protecting children from deadly diarrhea.

We are indebted to the many gracious hosts who welcomed the defeatDD team to Zambia last year, not to mention the warm and inviting PATH office in Lusaka. Several organizations not only shared with us their stories, they inspired us to share these stories with you. With two new videos produced and released in recent weeks, we are thrilled to highlight the dedicated work of our esteemed colleagues—our friends—at the Ministry of Health; the Centre for Infectious Disease Research, Zambia; Africare; Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor; and Lusaka Water & Sewerage. And don't miss our profile of the innovators at ColaLife!