Flush This Book: How a Joke between Friends Turned into a Book about Poop


A mutual friend introduced us at a karaoke girls' night in party, “You guys are both writers.”


Heidi was writing a screenplay, Jane was writing a family memoir. 

We started meeting to critique one another's manuscripts, and a deep friendship was born.  No topic was off-limits, and that included bodily functions.  During our critique sessions, one of us would inevitably have to leave to go to the bathroom—this was probably because our sessions were fueled by lots of water, sushi and crab Rangoon.  In the toilet, we would experience ‘Eureka' moments for how to improve the other's work—and more often than not, we'd also return with a full report on our lunch's encore. 

“Dude, I just crapped an entire helping of seaweed salad in there. I'm never getting that again.”

We joked about writing a book that revolved around going to the bathroom.  It wasn't long before we realized it was a fantastically funny idea.  After taking a seminar with Jack Canfield, we were inspired to seek out nonprofits that fit our subject matter and our sensibilities.  The World Toilet Organization and DefeatDD fit the bill.

We launched our book in November to coincide with World Toilet Day and were stunned by the response our book received. Even people who don't talk openly about what happens in those moments can appreciate a good shit story.  Poop is the common denominator of the human experience.  Making people laugh, while at the same time raising funds to ensure that more people can address that common denominator with dignity, is incredibly rewarding.  We're so grateful for this experience.   

To learn more about Heidi and Jane and their project visit their website: www.flushthisbook.com


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