In this Corner: the Voices of Vaccine Development

Jan 08, 2014


Deborah Kidd
science writer


Vaccination is a public health heavyweight—and essential in any successful strategy to knock out deadly childhood diseases. Today we present some of the prize-fighters in that effort: our very own Vaccine Development colleagues.


When the team from PATH's Vaccine Development Program (which houses defeatDD) gathered together late last year, we asked a few of them to take a moment and reflect on their motivations. What 2013 milestone made them most proud? What does 2014 have in store? And why did they choose a career in global health?

As team members weighed in, their answers brought new insight into our colleagues' personal passions as well as their scientific ventures. We call this collection “Voices of Vaccine Development,” and you've got a ringside seat. We hope you enjoy viewing these personal perspectives as much as we enjoyed gathering them!



Photo credit: PATH