In April 2013, UNICEF and WHO launched the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia and Diarrhoea (GAPPD), the first-ever plan to tackle the two diseases together and a watershed moment for champions of child health and integration.


Our support of the GAPPD effort is one of DefeatDD’s most comprehensive campaigns to date, beginning with members of the PATH team providing technical inputs into the development of the document itself and culminating in a robust media launch with a full suite of supportive materials on behalf of our fellow nonprofit partners:


  • Fact sheets and summaries about the GAPPD and about pneumonia/diarrhea burden
  • Media resources, including a press release, statements from key opinion leaders, and an NGO/CSO statement of support signed by more than 100 organizations
  • Social media graphics and messages
  • A toolkit for country-based advocates (developed in partnership with World Vision) to call for the implementation of the GAPPD at national, subnational, and community levels




Our #MindTheGAPPD hashtag became the main hashtag for the launch activities and was used more than 500 times. It also appeared in key media coverage about the GAPPD launch, including this article in The Huffington Post. GAPPD remains a technical gold standard on integration and a reference point for evidence-based advocacy, especially during key global observance days. Visit our GAPPD portal for resources on integrated efforts to tackle pneumonia and diarrhea together.