Rotavirus Vaccine Advocacy Resources

Feb 23, 2017


NOTE: This webpage is the new home of many resources previously listed on PATH’s Rotavirus Vaccine Access and Delivery website ( which redirects to this page.


Rotavirus maps

Maps: Rotavirus Deaths (ROTA Council)

National and Regional Rotavirus Vaccine Introductions (ROTA Council)


Fact sheets

Fact sheet: Saving Children’s Lives From Deadly Rotavirus Diarrhea: PATH’s Comprehensive Approach to Rotavirus Vaccines (PATH website)

Fact sheet: Rotavirus in Africa (ROTA Council)

Fact sheet: Rotavirus in Asia (ROTA Council) 

Rotavirus Facts (ROTA Council)



Video: How rotavirus vaccines save lives and livelihoods: Jacqueline's story

Video: From introduction to impact: the story of rotavirus vaccines

Video: Scientists explain the lifesaving impact of rotavirus vaccines

Video: Rotavirus Vaccines: Rapid Rollout is Saving Lives

Video: A Common Disease, a Promising Solution

Photo gallery: Defeating Rotavirus and Diarrheal Disease in Bangladesh

Photo gallery: Rotavirus Vaccines In Africa

RotaFlash archive


Technical resources

Impact and cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccination in Bangladesh

Press kit: ROTAVAC Clinical Trial Results

Introduction of Rotavirus Vaccines – Information for Policy Makers, Programme Managers, and Health Workers (World Health Organization) 

White Paper: Rotavirus: Common, Severe, Devastating, Preventable (ROTA Council)

Guidelines: Introduction of Rotavirus Vaccines into National Immunization Programmes: Management Manual, Including Operational Information for Health Workers (WHO website)


Key journal articles

Article: 2013 estimate of worldwide rotavirus deaths in Children under 5 years of age (WHO website)

Article: Rotavirus Vaccines – WHO Position Paper (WHO website)

Article collection: Health Benefits of Rotavirus Vaccination in Developing Countries

Article collection: Real World Impact of Rotavirus Vaccination (Journal of Infectious Diseases website)

Article collection: Impact and Effectiveness of Rotavirus Vaccines in Africa



Website: CDC: Rotavirus

Website: Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance: Rotavirus Vaccine Support

Website: ROTA Council (Rotavirus Organization of Technical Allies)

Website: WHO Immunization, Vaccines, and Biologicals: Rotavirus