Nurse holds up a container in each hand which is co-packaged oral rehydration solution and zinc
Jul 20, 2022
Rose Kanali, a helth practitoner at Kilingili Health Centre in Kakamega, Kenya, displays co-packaged oral rehydration solution and zinc, the WHO/UNICEF-recommended treatment for childhood diarrhea. Photo: PATH/Anthony Karumba. Are you parched for
Nurse looks at a screen of a health assessment tool
Mar 29, 2022
Photo: Healthy Learners.   While a lot of attention has been dedicated to the health and well-being of children less than five years old, the needs of older children and adolescents have been historically neglected. As a result, school-aged
Nurse in Zambia administers ROTAVAC to an infant as part of PATH and CIDRZ clinical study
May 12, 2021
Rotavirus vaccines are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the best way to prevent rotavirus, the leading cause of severe and deadly diarrhea in young children worldwide. A new rotavirus vaccine from Bharat Biotech, India—ROTAVAC
Researcher in Zambia looks into microscope
Apr 13, 2021
Rotavirus remains a leading cause of diarrheal disease in children, particularly in Africa and Asia. The globally available live, oral rotavirus vaccines are substantially reducing severe rotavirus diarrhea and making a major impact in countries
Catherine holds her son Immanuel
Apr 07, 2021
A few years ago in Lusaka, Zambia, when Catherine brought her son Immanuel to the clinic with a fever and diarrhea, she probably wasn’t thinking about health systems – but she may have been thinking about soccer. Namely, the fact that she had named
Teresa holds her son Vusi as he receives rotavirus vaccine
Mar 04, 2021
As a new mother in Zambia, Teresa wasn’t sure why her son kept getting severe diarrhea. In fact, he was so sick – and so often – that she was afraid he would die.  “It was so severe we didn’t even know what to do. I would say it was near to death
Infant Vusi Jeri receives oral rotavirus vaccine in Zambia
Oct 29, 2020
Baby Vusi receives a rotavirus vaccine while being held by his mother Teresa Jeri at the Chainda clinic in Zambia. New research suggests that malnourished children may be less likely to experience rotavirus diarrhea compared to children with normal
Mother with Kit Yamoyo
Oct 28, 2020
A mother in Katete District, Zambia, holds Kit Yamoyo - the brand name of an ORS+zinc co-pack commercialized in Zambia. Photo: ColaLife   The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends co-packaged oral rehydration salts (ORS) and zinc—a simple and
Photo of blog authors
Oct 10, 2019
While surely all researchers are excited when they initiate a new clinical trial, we are feeling particularly energized about a Phase 3 study that we started here in Zambia this week. It is the first efficacy study for a new type of rotavirus
Mar 13, 2019
Mothers in Kenya feed oral rehydration solution (ORS) to children dehydrated from diarrhea. Photo: PATH/Tony Karumba.   ORS + zinc is the globally recommended treatment for diarrhea. Thanks to the effort of PATH and other partners of the Diarrhea
Mar 06, 2019
Feb 05, 2019 Policy spotlight: improved access to ORS and zinc We'
Boxing gloves labeled with ORS and zinc
Feb 01, 2019
In July 2019, the World Health Organization set the global norm to deploy a simple, powerful game-changer: the ORS + zinc co-pack.  Now, we need to encourage more countries to follow suit with their own essential medicine lists. Read on
Special Features
Jun 20, 2018
From left to right: Laura Kallen, PATH; Roma Chilengi, CIDRZ; Hope Randall, PATH. See more photo booth images here.   Is advocacy my job?   That question was asked by presenter Dr. Roma Chilengi from the Centre for Infectious Disease Research,
Apr 04, 2018
These crowds are a testament to the Government of Zambia's commitment to social mobilization to raise awareness about the country's oral cholera vaccine campaign. Photo credit: CIDRZ.   Vibrio cholerae can steal through a community quickly and
Oct 01, 2014
In a swampy field in Western Kenya, an energetic Alfred Ochola surveys the crowd. All eyes are on him as he rolls up his pants, wades into a muddy stream, and fills a bucket with dirty water.
Special Features
Oct 15, 2012
"Together, we shall fight diarrhea!" In this clip, students at Mukuyu Basic School in rural Mazabuka, Zambia, showcase their health knowledge by performing pooetry. We like their style! Click through our photo album to see more student activities
Jul 12, 2012
  I don't think any of us expected to be deeply moved during an informational interview at Zambia's Ministry of Health, a stop typically made to gather facts and figures rather than inspiration. In a crowded room with thick binders filling an