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Sep 05, 2014


Our biggest barrier in the fight to defeat diarrheal disease is not a lack of solutions. It is a lack of awareness. That’s why we need your help.


Share these messages with friends and family on social media, using the hashtag #defeatDD. Add your voice, and join the movement!



The big picture:

Every child gets it, but no child should die from it. Join the global movement to #defeatDD:


Diarrhea is the 2nd deadliest disease of children globally. The good news: We have solutions to #defeatDD. 


If we can't talk about diarrhea, we can't defeat it. Make some noise with @DefeatDD.


Diarrhea Interventions:


Breastfeeding provides vital antibodies that protect against diarrhea and pneumonia. #DefeatDD


#Malnutrition can result in a 5-to-10-fold increase in a child’s risk of death from diarrhea.


If all caregivers could access ORS, #diarrhea deaths would drop by more than 90 percent. #DefeatDD


#Zinc reduces severity and duration of #diarrhea, and even prevents future episodes. #DefeatDD.


#Vaccines are the best protection against #rotavirus, the most lethal form of childhood #diarrhea.


#Vaccines against ETEC and Shigella, leading causes of bacterial #diarrhea, hold dramatic potential. #DefeatDD  




The integration of diarrhea prevention and treatment tools maximizes impact. #DefeatDD 


INFOGRAPHIC: Tackling pneumonia and diarrhea: the deadliest diseases for the world's poorest children. #DefeatDD


Fight pneumonia OR diarrhea? Not anymore. The GAPPD strategy tackles both together. #DefeatDD




Simple solutions to defeat diarrhea weave the fabric of community health. #DefeatDD

The missing “thread” in the fight against diarrhea? Your voice! #DefeatDD 


How to talk shit with friends and family. #DefeatDD


Tools against diarrhea are empowering mothers everywhere. #DefeatDD