White Paper – Rotavirus: Common, Severe, Devastating, Preventable

Jan 01, 2016



The ROTA Council white paper Rotavirus: Common, Severe, Devastating, Preventable is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on rotavirus disease and vaccines. The 50-page synthesis includes the latest evidence and programmatic information about:


  • Rotavirus disease, and why every child is vulnerable
  • Vaccines in global use, nationally available vaccines, and new vaccines on the horizon
  • WHO recommendations and key guidance on vaccine administration
  • Public health impact in high-income countries, middle-income countries, and low-income countries
  • Cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccines
  • Emerging data and areas for further research
  • 21 recommendations for stakeholders to scale up coverage of rotavirus vaccines to all children


Read the executive summary and full report here