Breastfeeding: Foundation for a Healthy Future

Aug 01, 1999



Protecting and investing in the physical, mental and emotional development of all children lays the foundation for a better future. Breastfeeding – available to almost every child – is key to that future. It offers one of the earliest opportunities to ensure that a child will not only survive, but thrive. Promoting breastfeeding is the simplest and wisest investment a nation can make. But to ensure that all children receive a chance to grow and develop to their fullest potential, it is not enough simply to make breastfeeding possible; it must be vigorously protected and promoted by appropriate public policies and supported by health systems and families. Then breastfeeding becomes easy, desirable, enjoyable and valued in society. And only then will the conditions exist that make it simple for mothers to offer their infants the best foundation for a healthy future.

To view this UNICF brochure on the state of global breastfeeding practices click here.