Sanitation and diarrheal disease

Nov 17, 2019

Message Map

Millions of children’s lives have been saved by protecting them against diarrheal disease, yet it remains a leading killer of children under five years of age worldwide. By raising awareness about integrated prevention and treatment solutions, we can save millions more. Sanitation is a key prevention tool for protecting communities from the viruses and bacteria that cause diarrheal disease and other illnesses. Despite global progress, sanitation gaps still place a great burden on developing countries and their children, in particular. Awareness and advocacy can help ensure safe sanitation for all.

PATH developed these messages for use by anyone interested in communicating the impact of sanitation—and often the lack of it—on the health and development of children and families around the world. These messages are comprehensive and not intended to be used all at once, but rather provide options for communicating to a variety of audiences and in relation to a variety of topics.


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