Jan 01, 2016

Message Map

Good nutrition is essential for child growth, development, and immune system function to boost children’s defenses against infectious diseases like diarrhea. But the children most vulnerable to diarrheal disease are often malnourished. The relentless cycle of malnutrition and diarrhea places a great burden on developing countries and on children, in particular. Addressing malnutrition within an integrated approach against diarrheal disease is key for protecting communities and helping children reach their full potential.


PATH developed these messages for use by anyone interested in communicating the impact of diarrhea on the health and development of children and families around the world. This is also a guide to communicating the value of a coordinated approach to diarrheal disease control and the proven, cost-effective solutions available today to save lives. These messages are comprehensive and not intended to be used all at once, but rather provide options for communicating to a variety of audiences and about a variety of related topics.


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