Welcome to the new and improved DefeatDD.org!

Mar 02, 2017


Hope Randall
Communications Officer, DefeatDD

Welcome to the brand spanking new DefeatDD.org! It’s the same crew, same priorities, and (mostly) the same content – just with an updated look, feel, and organization.


As the DefeatDD team took on this website redesign, friends and colleagues have often asked me why. Well, for starters, our site is eight years old – which is, like, 1000 years old in digital years. But beyond a much-need technical tune-up, our primary motivation was to make the site easier to use. We spent a large chunk of our time categorizing our resources by topic and content type so that advocates can quickly and easily find what they need.


As a founding member of the poo crew, pouring through DefeatDD’s pages and creating new ways to organize it felt, in a way, like flipping through old family albums and taking inventory. So much has changed, and together, we’ve accomplished so much! But in the flurry of the day-to-day, we hadn’t stepped back to consider how to incorporate new chapters of the DefeatDD narrative – or to strongly and clearly represent the heart of our story in a site that we’d outgrown. (Like the polka dot dress I loved SO much that when it became too short, I insisted on wearing it as a shirt with leggings for my 3rd grade school photo. A resourceful solution, but not ideal, since it was just not designed to be a shirt.) We had to face facts: It was time for a better fit.


I will now take this opportunity to shamelessly point to the specific elements of our new site that I am most excited about:


  • The new look (especially the beautifully animated Solutions page)! From the beginning, we’ve worked hard to keep DefeatDD’s voice decidedly light and playful – an element we’d never been fully able to capture with our web presence. The brush strokes and the bright colors are a much better fit for our personality. We’ve also thrown in more playful web language, where it makes sense. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t always make sense.)
  • The DefeatDD Movement: When I give presentations about the DefeatDD Initiative, one of my favorite parts is sharing with people how and why we took on the mantle of an integrated approach. It pained me that we didn’t have a dedicated place to feature our story on our old site, and I’m thrilled it now has a proper home in our About Us section (make sure you click the + sign to get the full story! I warned you I would be shameless).
  • Integrated Approach page: Speaking of an integrated approach, it seemed fitting that it deserved its own section at the top of our Solutions page. As important as each intervention is in its own right, our ultimate goal is for diverse sectors to combine their program and advocacy efforts.
  • DefeatDD Campaigns: It was so much fun to see a greatest hits list of our campaign work throughout the years. This section is one of the clearest illustrations of our work in action, and a portfolio we’re very proud of.


As excited as we are about our new design, we’ve never lost sight of our most important stakeholder: YOU! We hope our improved web experience gives you efficient access to the tools you need to help us defeat diarrheal disease… and have some fun along the way. Thanks for visiting!