Help us cause a commode-tion in 2015

Sep 12, 2014


Hope Randall
Communications Officer, DefeatDD

Last year around this time, we had our doubts about whether a toilet calendar concept would fly - or whether it would get flushed down the drain (I know, I know - I can't help myself).

I remember our graphic designer's trepidation; a toilet-themed calendar challenges basic preconceptions about aesthetically pleasing visual design principles. Even if we, and our sanitation colleagues, loved the idea, would it translate well to others who aren't necessarily talking toilets on a daily basis?

The results exceeded our expectations; our printer couldn't keep up with the demand. Hearing the gleeful giggles of calendar recipients over the toilet-shaped design was like a gift in itself. We received photos from partners and US government officials proudly displaying their personal copies in their respective workplaces. People started asking us about a 2015 edition in August.

The calendar did more than make people smile; it opened the door for holding critical conversations about sanitation in settings where they might not otherwise have occurred. And for us, that was the best part. The decision to hold another call for photos this year was obvious.

The foundation of last year's success? Your photos! We can't cause a commode-tion without you. Help us make 2015 another great year for the loo!

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