Experience Global Health exhibit on Capitol Hill elicits pride, surprise among visitors

Mar 13, 2013



Reposted from makingmalariahistory.org.


Last week, the Washington Global Health Alliance held its “Experience Global Health” exhibit on Capitol Hill. The unique, multi-sensory event presented stories of global health struggles (like malaria) and stories of success thanks to US government investment. Volunteer docents called curious passersby into the grand Rayburn Foyer, which had been transformed into two villages in Tanzania and India.

Staff onhand had the opportunity to educate not only Hill staffers, but also other US citizens who had journeyed to Capitol Hill from all over the country for unrelated efforts and were nonetheless curious to learn more about their government's role in global health; a group of passionate advocates for school nutrition in the US, a recent graduate with a Masters in Public Health, and a California-based staff member of the Department of Health and Human Services were among the visitors. The latter was proud to learn about the projects her employer had accomplished on a global scale.

Indeed, pride was a sentiment shared by many who visited the exhibit. Another common reaction was surprise; many were previously unaware of their government's investment in global health, particularly during austere economic times. In a recent article, Senator Bill Frist stated that “now is no time to shy away from our health investments.” There is a legacy of leadership that should continue to be a source of pride here at home, and a source of health and hope to those who need it most.