Developing a global vaccine action plan


One of the tools that will help us defeat diarrheal disease is vaccines - both the rotavirus vaccines that are licensed and the vaccines against bacteria that cause diarrhea that are still in development.



So it was heartening in 2010, when the global health community declared the next ten years to be the Decade of Vaccines with a vision to extend the full benefits of immunization to all people, regardless of where they are born, who they are, or where they live.  Since then, the Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Collaboration is working to realize that vision by developing a global vaccine action plan (GVAP).  The DoV Collaboration Leadership Council named a Steering Committee who has been leading the effort over the past year to develop the GVAP.  Four Working Groups formed by the Steering committee have pulled together key information and transformational ideas to strengthen the full immunization chain over the next decade - all of which has been compiled into a draft of the GVAP.  The development of the GVAP is a unique effort with an unprecedented emphasis on gathering country-led input and ownership. The end goal is to create a transformational plan that will stimulate the discovery, development and delivery of lifesaving vaccines.


Now, key stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input to the GVAP through a global consultation process, including an online consultation that will run until February 1, 2012. The feedback received through the online consultation and other outreach events will be incorporated into the draft of the GVAP that will be submitted to the World Health Assembly that will take place in May 2012. 


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Photo credit: PATH