A campaign whose time has come

Jan 25, 2011


Fleur Anderson
End Water Poverty

End Water Poverty is really moving on as a campaign and last week's planning meeting marked a great step forward.

Campaigners from 14 countries came together to celebrate our successes, to assess the current situation and to plan the way forward for the next three years.


We have decided on three clear aims:


1. to campaign for more funding for water and sanitation and for funding to be better targeted for those who need it most

2. to campaign for the ongoing success of the Sanitation and Water for All high level partnership in delivering the funding needed for national sanitation and water plans - and checking that it is spent in the rights ways to really benefit the poorest

3. to campaign together with health and education campaigners to get the message about the water and sanitation crisis across, and the results of this crisis on children's education and health


We were really inspired by hearing each others' stories of mass campaigns of thousands of people, and really effective lobbying which has resulted in changes in government policies in many countries. We drew wonderful pictures to show some of the amazing Walks and ‘March Pasts' planned for ‘The World Walks for Water' in March too - its going to be big! www.worldwalksforwater.org

It was great to be together and to see the campaign continuing to grow as a relentless, unstoppable, global movement for change which comes out of such vibrant national campaigns, encourages and supports national campaigning and takes our demands to the global level too.