Adam Drolet

Two pairs of white shoes on the floor behind a double line of red paint
Jun 02, 2021
Healthcare facilities employ various approaches to limiting the introduction of external pathogens to wards. Photo: Adam Drolet/PATH. What would run through your mind if you showed up to a healthcare facility to receive medical care and learned
May 22, 2019
Walking up to the front gates of Kilembe Mines Hospital in Western Uganda, one of the first things that catches your attention are the lush, mountainous terrain surrounding the health facility. Patients and family members line the airy, shaded
Nov 28, 2018
Medical staff prepping for surgery with limited resources in Kilembe, Uganda. Photo: PATH/Tom de Blasis
Nov 17, 2016
Honduras is a mountainous, beautiful country checkered with neatly planted fields of corn and beans, thick plantations of bananas, and swaying swaths of sugar cane. Despite the lush scenery, life for rural Hondurans is often much more complicated