Solutions to Defeat a Global Killer

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Solutions to Defeat a Global Killer

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Several countries and organizations are successfully scaling up use of interventions to overcome childhood diarrhea, including safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene, breastfeeding and optimal complementary feeding, rotavirus vaccines, zinc treatment, and oral rehydration therapy/oral rehydration solution.


Country programs highlighted in this report include

·         Egypt – ORS promotion and health worker training

·         Malawi – Clean water to increase school attendance

·         Madagascar – Improving use of latrines

·         Cameroon – Friendly village competition for latrine construction

·         Tanzania – Teaching hygiene through song

·         Lesotho – Promotion and awareness of breastfeeding benefits

·         Nicaragua – Integration of rotavirus vaccines, zinc, and ORS

·         Burundi –Public education to increase ORS use

·         India – Combining household water treatment with zinc promotion

·         Kenya – Equipping advocates and caregivers for diarrhea control


Author: PATH

Published: 2009