About this site

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We created defeatDD.org to inform and inspire advocates committed to joining their voices and raising awareness about diarrheal disease. Our website provides key resources and links to information on simple, lifesaving interventions that can significantly reduce childhood diarrhea deaths worldwide.

In 2009, we launched defeatDD.org alongside a Call to Action against diarrheal disease that received tremendous support from the health, water and sanitation, and environmental sectors—with more than 100 organizations signing on! Today, we  continue to partner with organizations around the world to tell the stories of successful diarrhea control projects, informing  advocacy to raise awareness about the diarrhea crisis and its solutions.

We also believe that if you can’t talk about diarrhea, you can’t defeat it. One of our favorite ways to break the taboo around poo is through creativity and humor, particularly through social media.

We invite you to explore our site: learn about on-the-ground efforts, download tools to aid in diarrhea advocacy, and browse our collection of technical resources. Help us raise a collective voice to urge donors, policymakers, public leaders, and the private sector to commit resources to reduce deaths and illness from diarrheal disease. And stay informed to carry the conversation forward!


About PATH

PATH is an international nonprofit organization that creates sustainable, culturally relevant solutions, enabling communities worldwide to break longstanding cycles of poor health. By collaborating with diverse public- and private-sector partners, PATH helps provide appropriate health technologies and vital strategies that change the way people think and act. PATH's work improves global health and well-being.

For decades, PATH has been implementing programs to address the causes of diarrheal disease and scale up solutions to fight it. In addition to working on ways to make water safer, developing technologies to quickly diagnose the cause of diarrhea, and developing vaccines against several of the major causes, we're also promoting inexpensive ways to prevent diarrhea and treat dehydration.