What's new in poo?

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Positive clinical results indicate a promising vaccine/adjuvant combination is highly efficacious against a leading cause of bacterial diarrhea.

It is an exciting time for groups who have spent years trying to break the taboo around poo, says WaterAid CEO Sarina Prabasi, in an engaging blog post.

The DefeatDD team invites you to explore and share stories from the front lines of the fight to defeat diarrheal disease. Our new interactive story series "Together Against Diarrhea" introduces readers to the global burden of diarrheal disease and the solutions to defeat it with a series of six stories from three continents. Each chapter provides links to additional information and inspiration. And because our main goal at DefeatDD is to motivate more people to talk about diarrhea, we’ve incorporated simple sharing options so that readers can spread the word on social media.

Please explore, enjoy, and share! 

Global Handwashing Day (Oct 15) is right around the corner! Check out our blog for helpful planning resources.

Countries throughout Africa are protecting their children against rotavirus, the deadliest cause of diarrhea. This celebratory collection captures lifesaving moments across the continent. 

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