Promoting WASH literacy in Nigeria

The Society for Water and Public Health Protection (SWAPHEP) organizes seminars, training workshops, campaigns, and poverty reduction activities as part of its WASH Literacy program. One of the key objectives of the program is to promote hygiene practices to reduce the incidence of diarrheal disease. The program targets women and children.

To mark the Global Handwashing Day 2009 in Nigeria, SWAPHEP organized campaigns and lectures in schools to teach that handwashing with soap and water after using the toilets, changing a baby’s diaper, and before touching food could save the lives of 3000 children daily from deaths caused by diarrheal disease. SWAPHEP partnered with the Independent Television and the Nigerian Television Authority Benin to educate the public. Visit SWAPHEP Picasa web album on to view the pictures of the event.

In addition, SWAPHEP initiated the WASH Enterprises Development training workshops in order to help people, particularly women, generate income from manufacturing soaps and other washing agents. The expected outcomes of this initiative are poverty reduction and reduction in incidence of diarrheal disease. The WASH program is not being used by SWAPHEP to advertise soaps made by wealthy multinationals. Instead, the organization will promote the soaps being manufactured by local women.

Contributed by the Society for Water and Public Health Protection