Doo a Poo Haiku

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Poo haikus are back! We had so much fun with our first and second campaigns that we are bringing it back for another “go” around! You’ve helped us raise awareness about the global burden of diarrheal disease with submissions of nearly 200 haikus so far. We can’t wait to see more poo-etic genius added to the trove!

Why poo haiku? Because conversations matter! If we can’t talk about diarrhea, we can’t defeat it. At DefeatDD, we’ve found that a great way to break the poo taboo is through haiku!

Ready to doo a poo haiku? Here’s what you need to know:

How do I poo-haiku? It’s easy! Three lines. 5 + 7 + 5 syllables. Simple, right? And once you get started, you might just get hooked on haikus. Pick an angle that inspires you, be it safe water, vaccines, or nutrition. Be poignant, provocative, or just plain silly. For inspiration, see some sample poo haikus below.

How do I share my poo-etry?
Submit your poo haikus on Twitter (multiple poo-ems encouraged!) using hashtag #poohaiku to help us track entries.

What is my timeline for creating haiku genius? October 19th – November 4th.

What’s in it for me? We at DefeatDD will choose our favorite 12 poo-ems to be included in our 2017 Poo Haiku calendar (yes, the DefeatDD calendar will retain its beloved toilet shape!). We claim no particular expertise, but we know when something makes us laugh, cry, or think really hard. In addition to your poo haiku gaining loads of recognition, each featured poo-et will also receive a dozen copies of the 2017 calendar to share. 

Visit our homepage to get inspired by our taboo-busting resources, including our videos No Bleep and Diarrheal Disease Superheroes vs. Villains. For tips on creating winning poo-ems, visit our blog

Sample poo haikus