Micronutrient Initiative, July 2011

The Micronutrient Initiative (MI) and Teck Resources Limited (Teck) announced they are joining hands in a new partnership to develop and sustain zinc treatment programs to help save children´s lives.This calls for a round of "O Canada"!

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GAVI Alliance, June 2011

The June 13 pledging conference of GAVI Alliance donors has exceeded expectation. With funding commitments of US $4.3 billion, surpassing the initial target of $3.7 billion, GAVI will have the resources to save more than 4 million lives by 2015 with vaccines against leading killers like pneumonia and rotavirus.

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New York Times, May 2011

The Pan American Health Organization has announced that Haiti has come up with a plan to immunize 90% of its newborns by 2015. The plan includes pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines, among others. The ambitious plan will require international support from donor governments.

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WaterAid, May 2011

This year at the World Health Assembly, WaterAid is is calling for urgent action on two debilitating water-borne diseases: guinea worm and cholera, both of which have devastating effects in poor countries. "Half of the developing world's hospital beds are filled with patients suffering from sanitation and water-related diseases, compounding the challenges faced by over-burdened and under-resourced health systems."

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WaterAid, May 2011

"For the first time in 20 years the World Health Assembly, WHO’s highest policy-making body, will consider a Resolution on drinking-water, sanitation and health at its 64th Assembly which opens on Monday 16 May. The Government of France, with a number of co-sponsoring Member States, has formulated the text of the Resolution which aims to provide a solid framework for the development of a new WHO water, sanitation and health strategy. The background document 64/24 is available on the WHA64 website in all six official languages."

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End Water Poverty, May 2011

"Over 350,000 people have called for leaders at this week's United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC-IV) in Istanbul to urgently tackle the world water and sanitation crisis, with campaigners warning that if they fail to do so the fight against poverty in the world's poorest countries will be lost."

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Newswise, May 2011

"The Center for World Health and Medicine at Saint Louis University and the Institute for OneWorld Health have established a joint research agreement to develop new drugs to combat diarrhea, which is the second leading cause of death worldwide in children under age 5."

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Voice of America, April 2011

"The U.S. State Department says roughly 900 million people in the developing world walk an average of six kilometers to get water for their families.  So on Wednesday, the department sponsored a six-kilometer walk to raise awareness about the lengths many people must go simply to get a drink."

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Gates Foundation Blog, April 2011

"Dexiang Chen was born in Linshu, a rural town in the Shangdong province of China. During the height of the Cultural Revolution, his career was chosen for him: he would become a farmer. Now? Dexiang leads vaccine stabilization and formulation technologies projects at PATH, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to improving global health."

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Voice of America, April 2011

"This week, people around the world are taking action to put an end to deaths from these preventable and treatable diseases in children and adults. The World Health Organization (WHO) is partnering with 170 of its 193 member countries to vaccinate people around the world and to spread awareness about the importance of vaccinations."

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