RotaFlash, May 2012

Rollout of rotavirus vaccines across Africa continued on May 25, as Rwanda became the third GAVI-eligible African country to introduce vaccines against rotavirus, the leading cause of severe and deadly diarrhea in young children.

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PATH welcomes the encouraging news published in the Lancet today that global child deaths continue to decrease, while also recognizing that the fight is far from over. Childhood diarrhea and pneumonia claim a combined 2 million lives annually and remain significant causes of child mortality. While demonstrating how simple and affordable solutions can have a major impact, today’s good news also calls for continued scale-up of lifesaving interventions in the environments where children’s lives are most threatened.

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The Independent, March 2012

Comic Relief of the UK helps GAVI Alliance fight diarrheal diseaes and pneumonia in Africa through access to lifesaving vaccines.

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The Guardian, March 2012

The MDG target to halve the number of people who lack access to safe drinking water has been met years ahead of schedule, but the good news is tempered with a warning that the sanitation MDG target is lagging behind.

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British Medical Journal, February 2012

With the deadline to achieving MDG 4 on the horizon, the British Medical Journal touts zinc and ORS to be among the best investments we can make to achieve the rapid progress needed to improve child mortality.

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Vibe Ghana, February 2012

In April 2012, Ghana will introduce two new vaccines that will protect children against pneumonia, diarrhea, and meningitis.

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US News & World Report, January 2012

A new study found that new rotavirus vaccines do not increase the risk of intussusception, a gastrointestinal concern associated with an earlier rotavirus vaccine.

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The Times of India, January 2012

State government health facilities in Lucknow, India, has added zinc tablets to oral rehydration therapy (ORT) kits used for treating kids with diarrhea. Zinc is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the treatment of diarrhea. Research shows that zinc reduces the severity and duration of disease.

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RotaFlash, January 2012

The Phillipines has become the first country in Southeast Asia to implement the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendation to introduce life-saving rotavirus vaccines through its national immunization program.

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Voice of America, January 2012

Outbreaks of typhoid, cholera, and other water-borne diseases have prompted health officials in Zimbabwe to target diarrheal disease in the new year, despite limited funding.

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